King Island Attractions

Your Tour, Your Choice.

We have a range of tours available, however we can tailor a tour to suit your available time and specific interests. King Island has many and varied places of interest. Depending on the time available we can also include a Penguin Tour at dusk in your itinerary.

Below is a small taste of what we can offer, if you have a specific requirement simply contact us and we can assist you with your personal King Island experience.

On all of our tours we provide comprehensive information on King Island, its history, attractions and shipwrecks.


Calcified Forest

In the Seal Rocks State Reserve on the south-west coast of King Island there's a 7,000 year old calcified forest this is where you'll discover the calcified root systems of an ancient forest. The broken trunks of stone trees rising from the sand are mysterious and eerie.This is a must see experience for visitors to the island.

Kelp Factory & Kelping

Storm cast Bull Kelp is collected from King Island’s beaches, processed and mostly exported to Scotland. You can visit the Kelp Information Room at the factory or view the harvesters at work along the foreshore near Currie.

The King Island Dairy Fromagerie

King Island Dairy produces high quality, camembert, brie and blue cheeses, along with traditional cheddars and hard cheeses. You can visit the King Island Dairy Fromagerie to sample the multi award winning King Island range of products.

Lighthouses & Shipwrecks

King Island has an extensive maritime history and has been the location of over 50 known shipwrecks, involving the loss of many lives. We are able to take you to the most notable shipwreck sites as well as Currie and Cape Wickham lighthouses.

Other Natural Wonders

The vast landscape of King Island is abundant with natural wonders, consisting of beautiful beaches, dunes, wetlands, and lagoons; and abundant wildlife, including the many fairy penguins that can be viewed returning to the shores at dusk.